Play For Japan – A Mission Statement

We’ll try to keep it simple. The earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit Japan on March 11th has resulted in untold devastation, a still-developing and uncertain situation with nuclear radiation, and an inevitable humanitarian crisis. Help is needed in significant amounts.

The videogame industry obviously has special ties with Japan. Our favorite games are made there, our friends and family work and live there. The gaming industry and community at-large is highly passionate and can be charitable beyond words.

The sole purpose of this “Play For Japan” campaign is to communicate and channel that passion and generosity into the overall relief effort. On this site, you’ll find links to donate directly to selected and legitimate charities performing relief work in Japan. You’ll also find other fundraising opportunities in the form of local events and charity auctions, as well as a spot for anyone in the industry or community to express themselves as this crisis and recovery unfolds.

If you want to help, write, auction, contribute, get in touch:

Twitter: @PlayForJPN (#playforjapan)


Direct E-Mail: Coming soon. (We are faster than the Internet, it would seem!)

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