Bungie Wristbands & Store Profits

Bungie is selling special “Quake Relief” wristbands through their online store for $5, with all proceeds routed to the Red Cross. In addition to that, Bungie will be donating the profits from all purchases made through the Bungie Store from now until April 30th.

The characters embossed on the band hold many meanings in Japanese. “Ganbare Nippon” is a sentiment expressed when someone needs spirit lifted. It is a show of support and a call for unity. For us, it is a hopeful expression. Hope that our aid and support will find its way to heavy hearts, and that our community message will have a positive impact upon deserving people in their time of need. Hope that we too may come together, regardless of our differences and our location upon this earth, and unite ourselves to the benefit of all.

Giving Spree!

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1 Response to Bungie Wristbands & Store Profits

  1. O cla BR esta colaborando com recursos diretos, mas gostariamos de termos aqui um sit oficial da compania em portugues,compartihamos seu sofrimento e oramos’..tudo vai ficar bem!

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