Auction: Game Informer Bundles

The Game Informer staff has put together five separate auction bundles, all of which feature the following items (and 1 opportunity!):

  • Game Informer Limited Edition BioShock Infinite poster (x2)
  • Game Informer Limited Edition “30 Characters who Defined a Decade” poster (x1)
  • 24 month subscription to Game Informer magazine (x1)
    • This item can be kept or gifted. A name and address will be requested once the auction has ended.
  • Issue 217 of Game Informer (yet to be announced) signed by staff (x1)
    • The newest issue of Game Informer will not hit stands till mid-April. The winner can choose for us to hold off shipment of the bundle until it arrives, or ship it separately at a later date.
  • Complete run of eight Game Informer #200 cover variants (x1)
  • Copy of Game Informer Issue #1 – Released fall of 1991 (x1)
  • If the winning bidder lives in (or intends to travel to) the Minneapolis area, we can also extend an open offer for complimentary lunch and a tour of the Game Informer office. Travel arrangements are not included in this auction.

Bundle #1 |  Bundle #2 |  Bundle #3 |  Bundle #4 |  Bundle #5

Auctions close on March 25th, 12:18:23 PDT.  All proceeds go to American Red Cross.

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