Auction: Final Fantasy Tactics (PS) Signed By Yoshida + Minaba

Andrew Vestal has posted an auction for a very rare signed copy of Final Fantasy Tactics autographed by Hideo Minaba and both signed and illustrated by Akihiko Yoshida.

You are bidding on a signed copy of Final Fantasy Tactics for the Sony PlayStation. This is the Japanese version of the game. The box has been signed by Akihiko Yoshida, Character Designer and Art Director and Hideo Minaba, Art Director. Final Fantasy Tactics is considered by many to be the greatest game in Square Enix’s illustrious history, and Yoshida’s serious fantasy style contributes strongly to that reputation. When signing the box, Yoshida drew a sketch of protagonist Ramza as well.

The rarity of this item would be hard to overstate – Yoshida and Minaba rarely appear at trade events or sign autographs. This item would truly be the crown jewel of any Final Fantasy Tactics fan’s collection.

The auction ends March 27 at 16:00:34 PDT. All proceeds will be donated to Global Giving.

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