Auction: Valkyria Chronicles – Official Posterboard Art

Sega of America is auctioning several rare goodies on its eBay shop, including the last piece of promotional posterboard art from the Valkyria Chronicles San Francisco Launch Event.

What you’re looking at is one of the rarest pieces of original Valkyria Chronicles promotional merch in the west. Featuring Welkin Gunther, Alicia Melchiott, and their tank the Edelweiss, this beautiful piece of art was printed on a huge piece of glossy, thick posterboard, and was one of three pieces of promo Art used at the Valkyria Chronicles Launch Event in San Francisco.

The other two pieces in the set were given out at the event, and now, for the first time ever, we’re auctioning off the third and final piece to help raise funds for Japan relief efforts. Now you can bid on this exclusive piece of promo art and help Japan at the same time!

This auction ends on March 29 at 14:42:38 PDT with 100% of proceeds benefiting the American Red Cross.

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1 Response to Auction: Valkyria Chronicles – Official Posterboard Art

  1. Derek says:

    We all support this cause from VGA! We are also amazed by what segaamerica has brought to the table. Just some of the most amazing Sega collectibles I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve placed generous bids, but I hope I win that Sega clock :)! It’s great to see how the video game community has come together for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. Keep up the great work here.

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