Auction: Final Fantasy VI Advance Collection Signed By Kitase

Tom Slattery has put up some rare and highly unusual materials: a full collection for Final Fantasy VI Advance. The details are what makes this one really special:

This is an auction for the following 5 items from the personal collection of the English translator of Final Fantasy VI Advance:

1. Final Fantasy VI Advance (Signed)

A copy of the North American version of Final Fantasy VI Advance, signed by director Yoshinori Kitase in near-perfect condition with all original packaging/inserts. This is my own personal copy that I received as the translator for the game. It has a very small dent near the top of the box (visible near the “ONLY FOR” in the upper left corner), but is otherwise in fantastic condition.

2. Final Fantasy VI Advance Box Proof

An uncut proof / color check printing of the final Final Fantasy VI Advance box. This is on the same card stock used for GBA boxes, but uncut and unfolded. Possibly the only one still in existence!

3. Final Fantasy VI Advance Manual Proof

A proof printing of the Final Fantasy VI Advance US manual. Another very unique item, this is the final version of the manual printed and cut for proofing. The pages are printed only on a single side, so the booklet consists of alternating white and printed pages. The paper itself is the same as that used for the real manual. There is a little bit of residue along the center line from a rubber band that was stuck to it, but it is otherwise still in near-perfect condition.

4. Final Fantasy VI Stationery Set

This is an item from the original release of Final Fantasy VI for Super Famicom in Japan. It consists of…well, to be honest I’m not entirely sure. There are some Setzer pencils, a pencil board, a tin tray, a Mog eraser, a ruler, and possibly some other stuff. It’s from 1994 and the condition of the box shows it (little bit yellowed, and with some dings and shelf wear). There is also a small sticker in the bottom right corner marked “SAMPLE”.

5. Final Fantasy VI Clock

I believe this was a promotional item for the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy VI in Japan. It is a wall clock featuring Amano artwork of Terra and takes AA batteries. It has been used, but is in perfect shape aside from a little dust.

Proceeds from the auction benefit Global Giving. It closes on March 31 at 08:38:07 PDT.

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