Auction: Football Manager-engraved iPod Touch

Come on you– gamers, and cast your eyes on this very limited edition Football Manager-themed 32GB iPod Touch, courtesy of Miles Jacobson at Sports Interactive.

This is your chance to bid for Sports Interactive’s own limited edition Football Manager Handheld 32GB iPod Touch to raise money for Play For Japan, a group of developers and publishers who are selling off their rarest items to raise as much money as possible for the Japan relief effort. It is numbered no.7 of 55, with the numbering and Football Manager Handheld logo engraved into the back of the device by RH Wilkins, the firm responsible for engraving the FA Cup. It comes with its box, and a promo code for Football Manager Handheld 2011 (as long as the game is available in the country of the winning bidder).

So, there you go. The company responsible for engraving the FA Cup (you Yanks in the know will understand the prominence here) has cast their touch here, and you’ve got until March 31 at 10:47:03 PDT to cast your bid. All proceeds will be contributed to Global Giving.

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