Auction: Ultimate Halo Fan Package

The industrious ladies and gentlemen at 343 Industries have donated an impressive collection of Halo-related items for auction.


    • One-of-a-kind Todd McFarlane Master Chief Sketch, signed by Todd McFarlane
    • Halo: Cryptum poster, signed by Greg Bear and Nicolas Bouvier
    • Square Enix Halo: Reach PLAY ARTS -KAI- Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Noble Team Action Figures (all six characters), signed by members of 343 Industries
    • Complete Exclusive 2009 Comic-Con International Collector’s Edition Halo Legends Poster Set (seven total, 36.25″x 38″)
    • Halo Encyclopedia, signed by Frank O’Connor
    • Halo Overture, signed by Frank O’Connor

      Auction closes on March 30th, 22:57:34 PDT. All proceeds go to the American Red Cross.

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