Week One Comes to a Close — Thank You!

Today marks the end of our first week out in the wild. Our first wave of eBay auctions started under the Play For Japan prefix have closed. And we’d be lying if we told you that we aren’t completely humbled and blown away by the generosity of our friends and colleagues in the gaming industry and the media. All of our auctions–from Meagan Marie’s signed DS and GameZone’s mystery bundles to Steven Kent’s signed Super Mario Kart and Double Fine’s Eddie Riggs statue (plus price-matching anonymous donor)–have netted over $10,500 in donations!

It’s an amazing number, but we’re most impressed by you. Whether you’ve bid on an auction and won, been outbid and forced out of the race, or spread the word via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or good old fashioned word-of-mouth with your gamer friends, it’s you who we have to thank for this. Because on our own, we can contribute a decent donation to helping the nation that gave us our passion and pastime. But together, we can put together a bounty.

Stay tuned for Sunday’s big auction closings and even more great news next week. And remember: even if you’ve been shut out of an auction, please give whatever you can to one of the great organizations helping out with relief efforts. It’ll unlock the best Achievement of all: altruism.

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