Auction: Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill Guitar + FX Amps

We’ve seen some jaw-droppers come through the Play For Japan-endorsed auctions in the past ten days, but this is certainly among the most unique that we’ve seen: Grasshopper Manufacture has posted an auction for Akira Yamaoka’s personal guitar and FX pedals that he used to compose the soundtracks for all the Silent Hill games released to date.

Silent Hill Fans!  You’re bidding on an extremely special guitar.  This Yamaha APX-15FM acoustic electric guitar was purchased by Akira Yamaoka, producer and composer of the Silent Hill series of games, shortly before he began work on the first Silent Hill game.  Akira composed the first soundtrack on this guitar, and then used it to compose every Silent Hill soundtrack he worked on thereafter.  The SOUL of Silent Hill resides within this guitar.  There’s a high possibility that it’s haunted!

The guitar also comes with two effects amps used while making the game soundtracks; a Line 6 FB4 and a Line 6 POD.  Akira says that using these amps you can recreate any sound from the Silent Hill series!

This guitar was also used by Akira at the Video Games Live series of concerts!

When we asked Akira if he was willing to put his Silent Hill ‘mojo’ up for auction, he replied that it was a small thing compared to the losses the people of Touhoku suffered due to the earthquakes and tsunamis.

This auction ends April 5 at 05:10:36 PDT with all proceeds benefitting the American Red Cross.

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One Response to Auction: Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill Guitar + FX Amps

  1. Yasu says:

    Yamaoka San Congratulations for this auction, but it makes me sad to know that you won´t be in future Silent Hill games.

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