Auction: Dreamcast Employee Jacket

Sega of America has shown no shortage of generosity with its auctions during the Play For Japan campaign, and it’s in items like this that it’s even more apparent. Witness this: a Dreamcast Employee Jacket from the late 90s.

When you finish drooling about how awesome this item is, we’ve got info below to tell you even more about it!

First, this is a super-rare, Employees only Dreamcast jacket that was given out to the original Dreamcast team here at SEGA of America right around the original launch. This jacket in particular is brand new, having never been worn and still has the original tags around the zipper from the manufacturer. It’s a size L, and features a fully embroidered SEGA Logo on the left, and a fully embroidered Dreamcast logo on the right.

This is one of our most amazing pieces of Dreamcast merchandise to hit the auction block. Not only is this an insanely rare jacket on its own, but it’s also still in completely new condition, now over ten years later. If you’re a Dreamcast fan, this is a rare opportunity to pick up a piece of merchandise even most of us here at SEGA will never have a chance to own – and all for a good cause!

Your chance to win this exceptionally rare item will expire on April 6 at 19:39:58 PDT. All of the sales proceeds from this auction benefit the American Red Cross.

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