Auction: Lara Croft Xbox 360 Arcade Unit

Karl Stewart of Crystal Dynamics has posted an auction for a very rare standalone arcade unit supporting Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light.

You are bidding on a Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Xbox 360 promotional Arcade unit.

This unit (one of only 4) was created to promote our awesome Xbox 360 Summer of Arcade hit title at E3 2010.

Once it was finished being used at E3 it was then signed by the Dev team and boxed up for a special day just like this one.

Of the four created. two were given away to lucky TR fans and one remains in the studio ( these are the images supplied above). This one is all boxed up in storage ready to be shipped.

It stands at little under 7 foot tall.

The units were built from scratch.

They come complete with an

  • Xbox 360 retail kit inside (with a copy of LCGOL installed of course!)
  • HD monitor
  • Surround sound system (with external remote) that extends from the front of the unit to sit right behind your head as you play.

We even went as far as to have instal a faux coin insets panel on the front.

As you can see from the images the faceplate has two Xbox 360 controllers firmly fixed in place.

This auction ends on April 13 at 14:50:40 PDT, with all proceeds benefiting the American Red Cross.

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