CAVE Announces Aid Project

Today, Japanese developer CAVE (Espgaluda, Ibara, Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine) announced they will donate proceeds from two of their titles to support Tohoku earthquake relief efforts.

From April 9th – April 17th, for you hip iPhone/iPod Touch owners, the game Mushihimesama BUG PANIC is at a special sale price of $0.99 (US/CA) £0.59 (UK) €0.79 (EU) $1.19 (AU). 99 cents for a CAVE shooter?! C’mon now!

Also from the April release through the end of June, Xbox Live Arcade title NIN2-JUMP, for 400 Microsoft Points will see your crazy MS space bucks help Japan.

Finally, the CAVE GOODS Online Shop will be selling “Charity Sets” (2,000 yen including tax) from Friday afternoon (April 15th) through Saturday (April 30th) for both domestic and international customers.

All proceeds will go to affected areas via the Japanese Red Cross.

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