Auction: Game Boy Advance SP signed by Shigeru Miyamoto

I have just dropped an auction for an autographed Game Boy Advance SP: Famicom Edition that I had signed by Shigeru Miyamoto. It’s in great condition, and it’s not like you can play for GBA favorites on your 3DS, right?

This auction is for a Game Boy Advance SP: Famicom Edition autographed by Nintendo mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto. This Game Boy Advance SP is from my personal collection, and I had this autographed during E3 2006.

The unit itself is in perfect condition, and while I played with it a few times prior to having it signed, it’s in working order. Note: this is a Japanese GBA SP. However it is region free and will play US/EUR/AUS titles just fine. This Game Boy Advance comes as is, without box or charger.

Not only is this your chance to get your hands on a hard to find Game Boy Advance SP unit, but one that’s been signed by Shigeru Miyamoto!

This auction closes April 19th at 12:18:16 PDT. All proceeds of this auction benefit the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund – a GlobalGiving Project.

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