Auction: Aksys Games Figurines

Aksys Games has posted several auctions from an employee’s personal collection of gaming-related figurines, including characters from Guilty Gear and Xenosaga. Or as Aksys describes them:

The Boem

In South California there was a young man,

Who liked to import plastic toys from Japan.

This man’s name was Bo, and his toys were legion;

All ‘cross his desk stood bright figures gleaming.

Not a cheap hobby, no; that he could not deny,

But every new package brought joy to his eye.

Then one day came the news: Tragedy in Japan!

Earthquakes had ravaged Bo’s toys’ homeland!

“O, what can I do,” cried the man, his mood now quite black.

They’d given him so much, now what could he give back?

Soon the answer came to him, like a bolt from the blue:

He could sell off his toys—though he wondered to who.

Then the money he’d take; send it far ‘cross the sea.

After all, reconstruction could hardly be free.

To part with his toys? A cruel task for Bo.

But assistance was needed, so charity ho.

Now here his toys sit: They wish to help too.

Who will take the next step? Could that person be you?

All auctions end on May 13 between 15:34:56 PDT and 16:07:50 PDT. 100% of sales proceeds benefit the American Red Cross.

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