Auction: No More Heroes Beam Katana

Grasshopper Manufacture has taken things to another level. While Akira Yamaoka works on Play For Japan: The Album, the rest of the team has taken it upon themselves to auction the replica Blood Berry Beam Katana that was designed for the first No More Heroes game.

Cosplayers and Collectors! Ever dreamt you won a light sa—, I mean, beam katana through an internet auction and became the world’s number one assassin? We can make part of that dream a reality.

You are bidding on the custom made replica Blood Berry Beam Katana made during development of the original No More Heroes. This is a cosplayer’s dream! Complete your Travis Touchdown look with the beam katana that started it all!

This replica was used by the development team as a reference for animations. I was also used by Suda 51 during numerous promotional events for No More Heroes 1 & 2. The Blood Berry is 1:1 scale with the model used in game. It is fully functional (aside from the being able to decapitate people) and has both lighting and sound effects. The katana even has its own custom made carrying case shown in the pictures above.

This auction ends on May 14 at 09:52:49 PDT. All proceeds benefit the American Red Cross.

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