PR: Grasshopper Manufacture Helps Raise over $80,000 for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

May 19, 2011 – Tokyo, Japan – Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. is pleased to announce it has raised over $80,000 dollars for Japanese earthquake and tsunami aid.  The earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis that struck Japan on March 11th, 2011 left behind a storm of destruction. Thousands were lost in the disaster, and the survivors watched helplessly as their homes, businesses, and lives were swept away.  To help with the relief efforts, Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. launched a campaign that included a fundraising event, a charity app, and special auctions to raise money and awareness for the people in the affected areas.

At the Grasstream 2 UStream charity event, the developer announced the release of their first iOS app, Frog Minutes. The tranquil and scenic app about catching frogs offered a stark contrast to the destruction left by the tsunamis.  100% of the sales of Frog Minutes have gone to benefit victims of the tsunamis and quakes.  Frog Minutes jumped to the top ten of the Japanese iTunes charts shortly after being release and was later featured on the front page of the US app store home page.  To date, the app has raised over $20,000 dollars in aid.

Grasshopper also teamed up with Play For Japan, a grassroots organization of industry media professions, developers, and fans dedicated to raising relief money through auctions on eBay. Under the Play for Japan umbrella, Grasshopper started auctions for two one of a kind items.  The first auction, the guitar used to compose the scores of the Silent Hill series, was donated by Grasshopper’s Chief Sound Designer and former Silent Hill producer/sound designer, Akira Yamaoka.  The second auction, a 1/1 replica of the beam katana from the No More Heroes, was used as an artist’s reference during development and in numerous promotional events.  The auctions generated tremendous interest and managed to raise almost $10,000 dollars.

Finally, Electronic Arts Partners, publisher of Grasshopper Manufacture’s latest game Shadows of the Damned, donated $50,000 to the Red Cross on behalf of Grasshopper Manufacture in recognition of the company’s fund raising efforts.

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