PFJ: The Album

Play For Japan: The Album

A Letter from Akira Yamaoka

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The challenge facing Japan is unprecedented and immeasurable. People around the world have already reached out, working together to help Japan rise up and rebuild.

As citizens of the same planet, we share and take strength from this bond.

In the videogame industry, composers like myself are responsible for engaging the player through music. Music, too, creates bonds, inspiring listeners to share their passion with others. In this spirit, many gifted composers, musicians and artists — from East and West — have come together to record a benefit album. For creators whose role is to inspire, it’s only fitting we come together, across borderlines, for those in need.

It’s our desire you’ll hear our hope for a brighter future, and the prayers heard from around the world given voice.

We are all united by one common bond.

You are not alone.


The Mission

On March 11, 2011, countless lives were instantly, irrevocably changed. The ensuing tragedy was swift and widespread, the full impact impossible to assess. But the global response was equally immediate, and inspiring in its message: Japan is not alone.

In the days that followed, videogame composer Akira Yamaoka heard from creators, fans, and other friends across the world, sharing sympathy and concern, and pledging support.

Inspired by this outpouring, he sought to express that shared spirit through music. The result is Play for Japan: The Album, a benefit album featuring celebrated videogame musicians and composers from East and West. It is hoped this effort will in turn inspire game and music enthusiasts to show their support for those affected by the tragedy.

Japan’s contributions to art and entertainment, technology, and pop culture are immeasurable, converging in the interactive arts. Japanese artists, musicians, designers and engineers sparked the world’s love affair with videogames, and continue to elevate the craft and engage players to this day.

Games, like music, are a universal language, creating a cross-cultural camaraderie rarely seen in other industries. Though tastes and trends vary, and in spite of language barriers, the bonds between creators and fans, East and West, endure and evolve. For those whose job is to inspire, it’s only fitting we come together — across borderlines — and support those in need.

We hope you’ll join us, and press Play for Japan.

The Artists

Confirmed participants to date:

  • Akira Yamaoka (Shadows of the DamnedSilent Hill series)
  • Jason Graves (Command & Conquer 4, Dead Space series, Prey 2)
  • Woody Jackson (Red Dead Redemption)
  • Penka Kouneva (Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, additional music)
  • Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, SOCOM 4, The Walking Dead)
  • Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Luminous Arc, Xenoblade)
  • Nobuo Uematsu (Blue DragonFinal Fantasy series, Lost Odyssey)
  • Inon Zur (Crysis, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia)

Information & Contact Us

Play For Japan: The Album is scheduled for release in May 2011 via the iTunes store. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

If you are a member of the press and would like additional information, please contact us at:

13 Responses to PFJ: The Album

  1. Dom Cook says:

    Sounds excellent. HUGE fan of Akira Yamaoka’s work, especially Silent Hill music (which I’m a biiiiiig fan of). Maybe you could get Mary Elizabeth McGlynn to participate too? :D

    I’m happy to get an excellent collection of music in exchange for helping out Japan. I’ll definitely purchase this. Keep up the good work guys. :)

  2. Joshua says:

    Will the album only be avilabe on the iTunes store? As for those of us who have had very bad experiences, and thus don’t like it, with the store wont be able to purchase your album.

  3. Cron says:

    Looking forward to it. I’m a big fan of all your work, and if helping people in need will get me some amazing music to listen to, I’m more than glad to contribute.

    Thank you all. (n_n)

  4. RudyChan says:

    I agree with Dom Cook! McGlynn would be fabulous, haven’t heard her in so long. <3
    And I think this is such a great and heartfelt idea, thumbs up to you Yamaoka and all the artists who are involved. ^ ^

  5. Mardoc says:

    I was deeply moved when reading this and I feel united in the spirit of that endeavour.
    Unfortunately I won’t be able to help but I definitely would if I could.
    And if I could I would like to be able to purchase this via some alternative means than I-tunes. I dont even have any I-device (correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Itunes would be a place for I-devices users?) Anyway, it would be cool if this could be available through some alternative means for other people like me. (But with actual money to share) Still I’m giving you my greatest thoughts for carrying on such a honorable mission.

  6. Tabs says:

    I’m very excited for this album, as I’m a very big fan of everyone who has agreed to take part in it so far. I’m also hoping that a physical copy will be released as well, for those of us who don’t like iTunes very much…

  7. Yo says:

    WILL BUY IT FOR SURE. I’m listening the work of yamaoka, uematsu and mitsuda for years. love their music, they’re so good composers, I can’t wait to see what they will make in that project.

    thanks you all, with this website and this album project you give us a good way to help japan ^.^

  8. Craig Johnson says:

    Nobuo is my hero. And I am a very big fan of most of the other composers too. I am excited as HELL for this!

  9. icarus says:

    i’ve been waiting for word on this! and now i can spread the word on this!
    mr. yamaoka, this was a brilliant idea. gamers are historicly quite generous and caring (you play the hero for so long, you tend to act it a bit in real life) and i think this is a fantastic project.

  10. houdinilogic says:

    definitely interested in this… have you considered making a pre-order available so that the relief money is available more quickly?

  11. manu3 says:

    Sounds great! But I hope Koji Kondo will join, too. There should be no video game music album without Zelda or Mario.

  12. manu3 says:

    That will be a real great album but where are songs from The Legend of Zelda and Mario… Koji Kondo should also take part in such a charity album.

  13. Poetic Son says:

    Really excited for this Album, please get back to us if there is going to be a physical copy released at some point or even the same Day as the Digital release.

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