Auction: Sony Store Now Open!

We just got word that the fine folks at Sony have just posted some excellent God of War auctions for you folks out there that like to slice and dice with Kratos. Among the items are a signed God of War Blade of Chaos, a signed God of War III Art Book, a signed God of War III Satyr Statue, and a God of War III Grab Bag that includes signed PS3 and PSP God of War games!

These auctions end on May 22nd. 100% of sales proceeds benefit the American Red Cross.

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Auction: Xbox 360 Faceplate — X05 Amsterdam

Alessandro Mazzega has posted an auction for a super-rare Xbox 360 faceplate from X05, Microsoft’s global media event in Amsterdam prior to the console’s launch.

You are bidding on an extremely limited edition Xbox 360 console faceplate from the X05 event in Amsterdam, where the console was presented to the european gaming media. Only 1000 of these were distributed to gaming media and industry. The faceplate has never been used, it’s sealed in its plastic case and doesn’t have any wear or mark. It’s a fine piece to add for any hardcore faceplate collector, especially because it’s new and never used. Someone will appreciate this more while helping a great cause at the same time.

This auction will end on May 15 at 13:00:24 PDT. All proceeds benefit GlobalGiving.

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Auction: No More Heroes Beam Katana

Grasshopper Manufacture has taken things to another level. While Akira Yamaoka works on Play For Japan: The Album, the rest of the team has taken it upon themselves to auction the replica Blood Berry Beam Katana that was designed for the first No More Heroes game.

Cosplayers and Collectors! Ever dreamt you won a light sa—, I mean, beam katana through an internet auction and became the world’s number one assassin? We can make part of that dream a reality.

You are bidding on the custom made replica Blood Berry Beam Katana made during development of the original No More Heroes. This is a cosplayer’s dream! Complete your Travis Touchdown look with the beam katana that started it all!

This replica was used by the development team as a reference for animations. I was also used by Suda 51 during numerous promotional events for No More Heroes 1 & 2. The Blood Berry is 1:1 scale with the model used in game. It is fully functional (aside from the being able to decapitate people) and has both lighting and sound effects. The katana even has its own custom made carrying case shown in the pictures above.

This auction ends on May 14 at 09:52:49 PDT. All proceeds benefit the American Red Cross.

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Auction: Aksys Games Figurines

Aksys Games has posted several auctions from an employee’s personal collection of gaming-related figurines, including characters from Guilty Gear and Xenosaga. Or as Aksys describes them:

The Boem

In South California there was a young man,

Who liked to import plastic toys from Japan.

This man’s name was Bo, and his toys were legion;

All ‘cross his desk stood bright figures gleaming.

Not a cheap hobby, no; that he could not deny,

But every new package brought joy to his eye.

Then one day came the news: Tragedy in Japan!

Earthquakes had ravaged Bo’s toys’ homeland!

“O, what can I do,” cried the man, his mood now quite black.

They’d given him so much, now what could he give back?

Soon the answer came to him, like a bolt from the blue:

He could sell off his toys—though he wondered to who.

Then the money he’d take; send it far ‘cross the sea.

After all, reconstruction could hardly be free.

To part with his toys? A cruel task for Bo.

But assistance was needed, so charity ho.

Now here his toys sit: They wish to help too.

Who will take the next step? Could that person be you?

All auctions end on May 13 between 15:34:56 PDT and 16:07:50 PDT. 100% of sales proceeds benefit the American Red Cross.

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PR: Play for Japan Campaign Surpasses $100,000 for Japan Relief Efforts

Unprecedented response from gamers; global relief campaign continues.

US, May 3, 2011 :: LOS ANGELES – Play For Japan (PFJ), a global campaign designed to raise funds for the victims of the recent tragedies in Japan, announced today that the campaign has raised over $100,000 in less than one month of its launch on March 16.

Corporate contributions from EA Sports, Sega America, IGDA Finland and auction items including the Lara Croft X360 arcade unit, life-size Modern Warfare 2 Ghost statue and the Xbox 360 XBLA bundle were major supporters in reaching $100,000 in contributions.

“When we launched Play For Japan we knew the support from our peers would be there,” said the Play For Japan committee. “We are blown away with how quickly individuals and corporations contributed, and to the degree in which they did. It’s impossible to express our gratitude enough. What we hope now is that the awareness continues. With any tragedy like this, the hardest thing is to sustain support once the event is out of the news. It will take a lot of hard work and possibly a decade to rebuild the country.”

Play For Japan has also partnered with famed composer Akira Yamaoka (Shadows of the Damned, Silent Hill series) to create “Play For Japan: The Album”.

“In the videogame industry, composers like myself are responsible for engaging the player through music. Music, too, creates bonds, inspiring listeners to share their passion with others,” said Akira Yamaoka. “In this spirit, many gifted composers, musicians and artists — from East and West — have come together to record a benefit album. For creators whose role is to inspire, it’s only fitting we come together, across borderlines, for those in need.”

Confirmed participants to date include: Jason Graves (Command & Conquer 4, Dead Space series, Prey 2), Woody Jackson (Red Dead Redemption), Penka Kouneva (Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, additional music), Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, SOCOM 4, The Walking Dead), Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Luminous Arc, Xenoblade), Nobuo Uematsu (Blue Dragon, Final Fantasy series, Lost Odyssey), Inon Zur (Crysis, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia).

About Play For Japan:

In the wake of recent disasters that have struck the island nation, a collective of gaming industry professionals and members of the gaming media have combined their resources to create Play For Japan. The global campaign will raise funds for donation to various organizations devoted to relief efforts, including American Red Cross, Global Giving, International Medical Corps, Save the Children, UNICEF.

The goal of Play For Japan is to aggregate and promote online auctions of items culled from the resources of its members– videogame rarities, art, signed games, etc.–in order to generate donations for disaster relief.

Play For Japan is not an auction house. Rather, it is a movement designed to endorse and promote the gaming industry’s efforts to help. Members of the gaming community can brand their individual auction as part of the Play For Japan campaign as they initiate them. 100% of all proceeds will go toward charitable organizations to benefit earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.

If you are a member of the gaming industry or the gaming media and are interested in affiliating your gaming-related auction with Play For Japan, please contact For general inquiries, please contact For additional information regarding “Play For Japan: The Album” contact

Upcoming auctions can be found via: the official PlayForJapan site at or through,, and

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Auction: Chicago Blackhawks EA Fan Pack

Sterling McGarvey has posted an auction for a big NHL-centric Chicago Blackhawks fan pack. Whether they fight back against the Canucks or go out in a blaze of glory, get in on your chance to support a good cause and show off your fandom!

You are bidding on a Chicago Blackhawks NHL fan pack. During a recent business trip to EA’s Vancouver studios (the irony is well-noted), I brought sleeves of several EA Sports titles from my personal collection, including several NHL games, which have been signed by team members including creative director David Littman, as well as a Patrick Kane-signed NHL 10 for PS3. I also have a signed Jonathan Toews jersey (size XL) that has been authenticated by members of the EA Sports team.

The auction ends April 29 at 12:55:30 PDT. All proceeds from the auction benefit GlobalGiving.

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Auction: No More Heroes Signed By Suda 51

Sterling McGarvey has auctioned a copy of No More Heroes signed by Suda 51.

You are bidding on a copy of No More Heroes (NTSC, North America) signed by the game’s director and lead designer Goichi Suda (Suda 51). This item is from my personal collection. I asked Suda-san to sign my game sleeve just four days ago during a media event in San Francisco, hence the “Play For Japan” inscription dedicated from him to the lucky winner.

The auction closes on April 29 at 08:55:58 PDT. All sales proceeds from the auction benefit Global Giving.

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